Get Motivated? Get me out!

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Tuesday I went to the Get Motivated Seminar in Dallas. I decided I didn’t want to fight the traffic of pay the $20 to park so I rode the train for $4.50 instead.

Now. The first Park and Ride I went to was completely full. No spaces. Every lot FULL TO CAPACITY. Annoying.

So I drove up the rode a ways and went to the next one. I decided right then and there I wasn’t going if there were no spots. Because I just wasn’t going to leave my car in a weird spot and risk it getting hit, broken into, or other things.

There was only a handful of spaces left. So I parked, bought a ticket and got on the train.

Now. Why I wanted to go to the American Airlines Center with 20,000 of my closest friends was BEYOND me. I think I must have had a moment of insanity. Aside from the fact the speakers were great (Colin Powell, Steve Forbes, Brian Tracy and Goldie Hawn), the experience reaffirmed something for me I had forgotten: People are Assholes. And yes, that’s with a capital A.

When you meet someone one-on-one it’s totally different than being stuck in a large crowd (sans friends or co-workers). And I realized… the general population only cares about themselves. How can they cut in line without really cutting in line? How can they get on the train before anyone else? Even if it means trampling people around them to get there.

As I stood in line for my $10 chicken strips (three) and fries (very few) and a bottled water (yeah, you read that right – TEN FRICKING DOLLARS), I watched these two broads walk up to another broad way ahead in line. They somehow managed to talk their “friend” into buying their goodies for them. What a total beating it was. Not only did she do it, but when she handed over the super large popcorn and coke to the dumbass, SHE DROPPED IT. All over the floor. And THEN to make matters worse (and continue to hold up the line), she asked for a refill. What killed me the most was THEY GAVE IT TO HER for free.

I was so annoyed by this. And here I am supposed to be pumped up and motivated and achieving my goals.

The only goal I wanted to achieve that day was getting home in one piece.

I skipped out a little early so I could make the 4:36 train. However, it was packed by the time it rolled through and only a handful of people got on. The next train was at 4:56.

It amazes me the rush of folks to the doors of the train. While we were waiting for the 4:56, one lady walks up and asks, “Where are the doors going to be?” I shake my head. Lady, COME ON. There will be another train after this one, and then another and another. I’m sure everyone will get on.

When the 4:56 arrived you’d think it was the last train out of town. They way people rushed toward the doors and then practically ran over other people just to get on. And then once we get on, it was Standing Room Only.

I hate people. I really do. It’s almost enough to make you never want to leave the house.


However, I gotta say…after being in the arena all day, with no one really to interact with… I realized something else. I need human interaction to make myself feel complete. How’s that for an oxymoron?

I guess I’m weird… lol

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.