Getting Back To Normal

Is there such a thing as normal? I wonder…

Busy weekend. Sold some old furniture on Craiglist. Bought some new furniture at Rooms To Go. New sofa and new bed for the kid is on the way. SWEET. Plus I got no interest/no payments for 12 months. Which of course means I will be paying it off in less than that.

It’s a free preview weekend with Starz and Encore so Man and I stayed up until nearly 1 am watching movies Friday night. It was so bad of us but we had a great time just sitting with each other and watching movies (Twister, Armageddon and Enchanted). It was such a huge error because by the time we crawled into bed… the kiddo woke up sick. So I was up and down the rest of the night with him. We managed to sleep in late some on Saturday but WOW was I ever tired that time. Man watched the Texas-Texas Tech game while I dozed next to him. Good QT, ya know?

Soccer was canceled on Saturday. Cooked a big breakfast of bacon and eggs. I took the kiddo shopping with his Toys R Us gift card and he got some Clone Wars battle droid or something. He loves it. It’s good he picked it out and paid for it himself. The store was fairly busy for a Saturday afternoon and they only had two registers open with long lines and slow people. I don’t get that. You’d think the manager would want to get the people out of the store so the customers would feel happy about their purchase and want to come back.

Went grocery shopping. Went to church. Did laundry. By Sunday night, exhaustion had kicked in. Man watched the Cowboys in their fancy new stadium and I was in and out of the room while I got the kid ready for bed and myself ready for another long week ahead. Even though it’s been over 20 years, I’m still mad at Jerry Jones for kicking out Tom Landry. Yeah, I hold grudges. 😉

So I did my part to help the economy this weekend.

Oh, and if you’re curious to see the new Cowboys stadium, following is a picture (you can click on it to see it bigger). And yeah, it’s just THAT big. (We’re calling it the Death Star around our house haha).

Happy Monday!


By Michelle

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