Gimme More Words, Please

In case you’re following my word meter at the right of this page, I’ve upped the total for Take Me I’m Yours to 40,000. I just think there’s a tad more story than 35K. And no matter where I end up, as long as the story is complete then I’m good. Heck, it might even got 45K-50K.

I did manage to get my 1000 words in, even though I’m not sure they’re quality words. I can always go back and edit once I get the first draft done. I’m still trying to decide what happens next.

And it seems I have a new story nagging at me. So I had to stop and write a quickie synopsis before it all left the brain.

That’s my new thing. If I get an idea for a story, I write it down! Immediately! Because otherwise it’s lost in the dark chasms of my brain, never to return. This new book idea is sort of Romancing The Stone/Indiana Jones/Pirates of the Caribbean. But set in modern day. Definitely not a historical. Sort of a modern day pirate meetings modern day diva. hehe

Anyway, this weekend I spent some time in the bookstore. No, I didn’t buy anything (I have books on the way from Amazon, you see) but I did browse the “Teen” section (otherwise known as Young Adult, I’m guessing). I was amazed at the amount of fantasy fiction on the shelves. It gives me tons of hope that what I have germinating will and can sell, too. I think at heart I’m a fantasy YA writer. I’ve always loved the genre and it’s so much fun to write. But doing it and doing it well is important. I want to do the genre justice.

And I’m so thirsty for a good meaty fantasy lately. Any suggestions? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

I ordered Karen Marie Moning’s new one, Darkfever. I love her Highlander series, so maybe this one won’t disappoint either. I need some new books to read. I’m totally bored with everything else. That’s partially my fault. I’ve been trying to read, but nothing has been grabbing me lately.

I also ordered three Magic Tree House books for the kiddo. I love those books! And I think it’s great that every time he comes home from the library at school, he’s checked out a new one. Maybe I’ll make a reader of him yet. 😉

Oh and did you know the music from the movie Stardust is delightful? I might have to add that to my library soon. Very soon…

By Michelle

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