Gone for the Day

Song of the Day: Maybe I’m Amazed by Paul McCartney

From my charming child:
“The optic nerve is in the eye and it goes to the brain and makes you see.”

Um. Okay. Have no idea where he learned THAT one. But Husband and I were highly impressed by this tidbit of information.

And he broke one of my blue Christmas balls because he was wishing big (ie., the Sears commercial). I knew the second I heard it hit the hardwood floor – you know it’s that tinkering crash sound followed by a pop and you just KNOW something delicate has broken. He can’t seem to keep his hands off the Christmas tree. We had a long talk about what NOT to touch on the tree. He had a blast helping me decorate it and did very well with the glass balls – he didn’t drop one or break one. Anyway, he made this cute little red and white candy cane in school so it’s on the tree now. Along with all the little ornaments I made when I was a kid and all the ones that were made and given to me by my sisters and mother. I love my tree. It’s full of angels and homemade decorations and of course the blue balls (wow that sounds REALLY bad). 😯


He’s going through one of those phases where he talks back and doesn’t do a thing we say. Drives me batty. I’m sure it’s because he’s four and he thinks he can get away with it. I was HIGHLY annoyed with him last evening when I picked him up because he heard NOTHING anyone was telling him to do. GRR. Makes me wanna fall on a sword. :dead:

Today I have my company awards banquet and I’ll be out of touch all day long. I have to go in early and help set up things and then it starts at around noon with lunch, followed by the riveting presentation of awards. To say I’ll be jonesing for the computer is an understatement of EPIC proportions. I NEED my computer time, folks. Okay, I have a terrible addiction to email and the Internet. What can I say? I must be connected at all times.

You think anyone will notice if I bring my laptop and send email to Sysenlaw all day long?

Probably not a good idea, I guess.

I should be home early on Friday (early being like 4:30) – provided of course I don’t get too lost coming home. It happens every year though. I always miss the :censored: turn and end up in downtown Grapevine. Maybe THIS year I’ll get it right.

I sure hope the post office hasn’t lost my contract. It hasn’t arrived yet. I’m still keeping a keen eye out for it.

By Michelle

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