Gone Weekend

So did Punxsutawney Phil see his shadow or not?

It amazes me how fast the weekends go. It’s like they’re here one minute and gone the next in a poof.

We didn’t do much of anything besides the usual nonsense. Grocery shopping, laundry. Watched the Broncos crash and burn in the big game. That was pretty horrid, actually.

I’d been craving chocolate cake for about a week so I finally broke down and baked one myself. It wasn’t as good as I’d hope it would be. On Sunday, since we had some nasty cold weather (it was 75 on Friday and 32 on Sunday – our weather is weird), I made beef stew in the crock pot and beer bread. It seemed to be a baking type of weekend. I guess being homebound will do that.

The kid was pretty bored, so I hooked him up with my old Nook. I reset it and made his own account (because he doesn’t need access to the books I read) and downloaded a book for him to read. He read most of the evening last night. Anything to get a book in his hands and him off the computer!

About the most exciting thing that happened all weekend was the possum in the backyard. The cat kept going to the window Friday night and peering out. I finally turned on the light and looked out to see this giant – and I mean HUGE – possum in the backyard rooting around. Told the husband. He figured opening the door would scare it off. Nope. He went outside and tossed a stick at it (missed). It stood there looking at him. He threw a brick. It landed on the ground and bounced over the thing. It sat there and hissed. Didn’t even flinch. The thing was not scared at all. It finally decided we weren’t worth the trouble and took off. It didn’t come back.

And that was it for the weekend. Now it’s back to work. Not happy about that.

How was your weekend?

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.