Good Kitty

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So far, Dexter seems to be settling in very well. He’s made himself at home.

Monday morning, he showed me that he knows how to open cabinet doors. He was particuarly interested in the bathroom ones. I couldn’t keep him out of it. I finally tied the handles together so he couldn’t get in it. There are cleaners and things in there not safe for kitty. He also showed me he knows what a milk carton looks like. When I took it out of the fridge for the kiddo’s breakfast, he got very talkative. It was cute.

The first day I left him at home alone, I had visions of the house being destroyed before I made it home. But he was pretty good. Aside from trying to get into the kitchen cabinet! I’m going to have to get some kid locks I guess. He’s nosey. That first night, since the kiddo was here, Dexter spent the night at the foot of his bed. The next night, Dexter decided to park himself at the foot of our bed. Which wouldn’t be so bad but this kitty is LONG. Especially when he decides to stretch all the way out. And our bed just isn’t that big.

Also, he has a bell on his collar. It wakes us up. A lot. LOL

Overall, he’s doing well. He will probably get to stay.

I had a dream the other night we were in an F5 tornado. It wasn’t ver pleasant.

I’m glad it’s Wednesday. This has been a hard week and I haven’t gotten any writing done. I had to work through lunch on Monday. Yesterday I was in a training class all day and today I have to leave early for a dental appointment. It’s impossible for me to get any writing done during the evenings. *sigh* Maybe next week will be better.

By Michelle

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