Good Progress

Quote du Jour:
I’m in the zone today, Sullivan. I’m gonna do some serious scaring, putting up some big numbers.
–Randall, Monsters, Inc.

Whew. 4000 words yesterday on the new WIP. SWEEET. Nada on the serial. Bad. But still only FOUR MORE issues and then I’m done. Somehow, though, I’m not as happy about finishing this one as I was the other one. I feel a lot of sadness there because I’m so fond of Skye and Dane. I will miss them when I’m done.

Think after I finish this current WIP, I’ll try to finish up the medieval and THEN work on a novella starring Skye and Dane.

Got an email from my high school friend. It seems that my high school band is getting together for a band reunion – and everyone who was ever in the band from the opening of the school in the early 1970s is invited. It’s in October and I think I’d like to go! Sounds like fun. So… I am so there, J!

Also in October is my chapter retreat. I’ve already requested the Friday off from work and I am SOOOO looking forward to spending three days with my friends/writers. It’s going to be GREAT. My famous chocolate cheesecake has been requested as a menu item. So I am definitely making that.

AND in October, I’m looking forward to that cup of coffee at Starbucks with You Know Who You Are. 😉

October… It has to be hands down my favorite month of the year. The weather is starting to get cooler. There’s a nice crispness to the air. There are no more 100 degree days. Halloween is just around the corner. Ahhh…yes… I love October.

Ever just feel like you need a mental health day? I think I’m going to take one soon. DH is off the Friday before Labor Day weekend, so I’m thinking I might take that day off too. That way we can have a four day weekend together thereby ensuring I will be stark raving mad by Tuesday and ready to get back to the office.

And no 10 Things today. Just couldn’t get my brain to think about it.

By Michelle

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