Got it

Have you seen that commercial where the guy decides to practice honesty? He runs into a meeting at work late and sits down at the table and says, “Sorry I’m late. I had an interview. Nailed it!”

That’s not how I felt after my interview yesterday. In fact, I felt disappointed. Only in the fact that the bitches were already starting and I hadn’t even been hired yet.

I got over it.

I got the phone call at around 10:30 this morning. They made me a decent offer, my benefits would kick in right away, and my vacation time would be as if I hadn’t left. Sweet.

I started on April 29 – kind of a weird day to start a new job, but she said in order for the benefits to start, I had to start work before May 1. I’ll have no time off between jobs which kinda sucks. The nice thing is I’ll have two weeks of vacation when I started so, essentially, I’m not losing any time.

Anyway… talked with a recruiter today who wanted me to interview for job that’s on the otherside of Dallas. It’d be an hour and a half commute ONE WAY. Yeah the pay was great, but why the heck would I want a three hour trek in car every day? Forget it. And with gas prices so high, that extra money would fill up my gas-guzzling SUV and that’s it.

Speaking of the SUV, it’s fixed! All the parts are put on and it’s like new again. Happiness. They even plugged in my stock radio. More happiness. I no longer have to drive around in total silence. I need that background noise so I don’t have to hear myself think so much. *grin*

Anyway.. much to write on Ransom & Fortune. I have to get going on it. I was going to get up early this morning but couldn’t make myself. Will try again tomorrow.

By Michelle

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