I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but lately, all I want to do is EAT. I sit at work and think about food and that breakfast bar just doesn’t go very far. Then I have lunch. And I just have the munchies. So I have pretzels and then more pretzels and have awhile I started to feel all pretzeled out.

I cooked fried chicken fingers, broccoli and rice last night for dinner and the kiddo demolished it. I had no idea he was a fan of broccoli. He’d eat the tops off the stems and then tell me it was a “winter tree” because it had no leaves. And then he’d pick up a new floweret and tell me that it was a “spring tree” because it still had leaves. HA. Gaw it was cute as heck.

We had some thunderstorms roll through the area but they all went to the south of me. Which was just fine since there was hail involved. And heavy rain and possibly tornado activity. It was so humid and so hot in the house, I had to break down and turn the AC on for 2.3 seconds just to cool it off. Thank goodness my compressor hasn’t decided to die yet. I’m hoping I can limp through the summer and get it replaced next year.

The blog and website was down most of the evening, in case anyone noticed. It was super annoying that it was down all that time, too.

Hey don’t forget about MURDER AT THE BOOK SIGNING! Spots are filling up fast! So if you want to play a character, be sure to visit Shot In The Dark Mysteries and sign up! Even if you don’t want to play, come on out and join in the fun.

The person to solve the murder mystery will win the “Ransom & Fortune Survival Kit” prize pack that includes a signed book. The person to find the stalker will win a signed book. AND everyone who comes out will be put in a drawing to win a signed copy of the book. So WOOHOO! Come on out and join the fun. Or, as I like to say, Get Your Murder On. 😉

I’m terribly excited – I just ordered bookmarks. I mean from a real printer. I designed them myself and even found the COOLEST font to use on them. I placed the order last night, but it will still take about 3 weeks to get. Ten working days to print and then 3-5 for shipping. Oh my gosh, I’m so excited to have real bookmarks that I haven’t printed myself.

Got a few pages in on the Book From Hell. I’m still struggling with one section but I’m starting to get some ideas. I just need to brainstorm a little more and jot some ideas down.

Have you ever had a conversation with someone who THINKS they know what they’re talking about, but really they don’t? I did yesterday. I tried to explain the difference between character driven books and plot driven books, but he wouldn’t listen. I finally growled and walked away because, what was the point? Especially since he’s a non-writer. It was worse than trying to explain something to my 5 year old.

I think I’ll just go back to eating my pretzels. At least they don’t talk back and they’re somewhat low fat.

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.