Had It


I give AT&T quite a lot of money every month. Between telephone, cellular, and internet they get a nice chunk of change. They would have gotten more had their television through UVerse not been such a big POS. I’ll stick with satellite, thankyouverymuch.


I’ve decided to transfer my telephone to Vonage, since I know have a continuous broadband connection through – guess who – AT&T. Don’t get me wrong – I love their Internet service. It’s lightening fast. It really is! But I’m sick and tired of coughing up money for them.

I filled out the online thing for Vonage Monday night and pressed send, all happy. They were going to get the phone number transferred for me and everything. I go off to Starbucks for the evening only to come home to an email from Vonage stating they can’t transfer my number becuase I still have DSL on my phone line.


I haven’t had DSL for a couple of months.

But as it turns out the scumbags at AT&T still have it listed on my account even though I’m not paying for it anymore and I have their wonderful fiber optic.

So now I have to call fucking AT&T (pardon my French) today and get them to remove whatever it is off my account, get a confirmation number and then call Vonage with the confirmation number so they can complete the transfer and I can keep my telephone number.

And if AT&T gives me one ounce of trouble, I’m canceling everything from the internet to the telephone to the cellular bill. Stick a fork in me. I’m done!

Oh, yeah, and I wrote. 😀

(AND…no you aren’t crazy…I’m trying something new. Don’t worry, though. I’ll probably go back to the other template in a few days…hehe)

By Michelle

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