Halloween ’08

Hope everyone has a great Halloween and all the ghosts and goblins stay safe on the street tonight.

As for us, we’ll be Trick or Treating as soon as it gets dark. Kiddo can’t wait. He’s SUPER excited and decided he’d go as the stormtrooper (whew…thank goodness I didn’t have to find an Indy costume…). When we get home, we’ll pass out candy until I run out. I only bought four bags this year so I fully expect to run out before the night is over.

Halloween always spooks me out (no pun intended). There’s just something about when it nears midnight and you have to shut the porch light off yet you can still hear folks walking around out on the street… creepy.

And it’s been so nice outside, I’ve had the windows open. I expect tomorrow will be more of the same. At least we won’t be freezing to death on Halloween or sweating our bums off.

And my poor pumpkin didn’t make it until Halloween. It rotted. Isn’t there some way to keep it “fresh”? Or maybe I’m just carving it too soon…

The handyman came and told me the washers were bad in the stems of my handles in the shower. Well, THAT was an easy fix. He told me what to get and how to fix it so the cost was minimal. Looks like I’ll be fixing that this weekend to keep the dripping down. Wish I had the $2000 to get the entire nasty thing replaced but, alas, I do not. That’s okay. I can live with it for a little while longer. Next year I’m going to buckle down to get my bills paid off. I’ve already put a plan into action for buying Christmas presents and paying cash for them all. It’s going to be a slim year, sadly.

Anyhoo…tomorrow is the offical start of NaNo! My friend, Lara, and I have decided to start at midnight (we’re also in the same time zone). We’ll be IMing and I’ll be chugging coffee to stay awake. We did some brainstorming on the beginning of my story (since I still had none) and I think I’ve got a good start to it now. I’m really looking forward to getting started!

PLUS I’m official! I got my official NaNo shirt in the mail yesterday. It will be my “uniform” for the next 30 days. You, too, can get your NaNo shirt at their website. Just go to the store and get your shirt on. I just figured I better hurry up and buy it before they run out of my size.

SO. Look for some movement on the word meter sometime Saturday… and cross your fingers I can write for at least one hour. I wish I could nap today! Think anyone will notice if I crawl under my desk at work? 😀

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.