Happy 4th of July!

For all of us here in the States, today is our Independence Day. Hope everyone enjoys their cookouts and fireworks!

As for me … well, I’m just going to be hanging around the house and taking it easy. Yesterday, I got yet another review for Talk Dirty To Me! This one came from Romance Junkies and I got 4 1/2 blue ribbons! The review isn’t posted yet on their website, but here’s a snippet of what it said: “I had a wonderful time reading and imagining the characters in TALK DIRTY TO ME. I can’t decide which is hotter – the actual sex between the characters or the phone sex scenes.”

So I’m really happy about that. There’s a lot of positive buzz about the novella and it’s not even out yet! Will July 11 please hurry up and get here already? 🙂

I’ve updated my website with all the reviews under the Fiction page. Oh, and I discovered yesterday that my bio is up at Samhain.

Here’s something fun – stolen from Amie:

List 10 elements or words always associatd with my stories.

1. Alpha males. Always, always, always
2. Sassy females
3. Sarcasm
4. Hot sex
5. I tend to like green-eyed men, so that crops up A LOT in my fiction :hehe:
6. My hero always has chest hair. ALWAYS
7. My hero is always taller than my heroine
8. There is usually alcohol involved at some point
9. The words “wet heat” – I love that phrase for some reason LOL
10. Name calling – i.e., (from the heroine) buddy, buster, brute (hm, all beginning with b…); (from the hero) doll, baby, sister, and – depending on the genre – my lady or lass/lassie.

What about you? What are you 10 elements/words?

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.