Happy Anniversary

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I once asked this literary agent what writing paid the best, and he said, “ransom notes.”
-Harry Zimm, Get Shorty

Happy Anniversary, Ye Olde Inkwell!

Today is my one year anniversary with this blog. Today is the day I started using WordPress for the first time. Wow. It amazes me how fast time flies. It’s come a long way since that first horrid template I used. And I love the look of it now. It’s all me.

I got a little bit of work done on MAGIC yesterday. Not much, really, to speak of. I’m at a section now where I need to do a lot of rewriting. I’ve decided not to kill off a character. Now I have to figure out what to do with him because the rest of the story doesn’t incorporate him. So I injured him pretty bad and I’m going to leave him somewhere so I don’t have to worry about it.

Then I can move forward with the rest of the story. I have a dark character that sort of started popping up being nice to my heroine. Several people asked me what was up with him (those who had read the original draft) and I shrugged. I have no idea why he’s making his presence known in this story but he is. And he just might demand his own story.

I’m close to getting these edits done and the book finished. And them I’m not looking at it again. Ever. Except to do minor stuff, that is, when it comes back from my critiquers.

I do have plans for at least three books in this MAGIC series – the second book will deal with the heroine’s childhood friend and her sister. As much as I try to incorporate a strong romance in this story, it still comes across as a fantasy with romantic elements. I suppose because the story needs to be told and the romance is just a bonus along the way. And it’s an epic story, too, that will span the three books. As soon as I finish this first one, though, I need to jump back on to Nice Girls Do and then I want to get to the dragon book.

I have a lot of stories to tell.

Not much else to report other than I have this insatiable need to buy new clothes. I guess I get spring fever every year and I want all new stuff. I did buy one new outfit and I wore it yesterday.

Well off to work. It’s Tuesday – Everybody works on Tuesday!

By Michelle

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