Happy Birthday to my Hubby

Quote du Jour:
“Here’s what I suugest. I suugest a caaake.”
–Franck, Father of the Bride

Happy birthday to my honey! :rockin:

Last night’s dinner went well. I’m surprised, too, because I really thought we were going to have The Great Cake Disaster of 2005. Long, boring story no one wants to hear. Suffice it to say, that after all the hoopla of the cake, we have half a cake left here at the house. And I’m going to be alone for the rest of the week. Nice. :plain:

Anyway… Thankfully, all is well. AND, we’re getting Sin City tonight on DVD. WOO! I can’t wait! (Well, actually, I should say SIL gave DH a gift card for Best Buy to GET Sin City… so it’s really his birthday present. But I still get to drool over Clive Owen.)

I still have birthday shopping to do. I might go on my lunch hour, though.

I was feeling rather blue and snarky yesterday. So I emailed back and forth with my good friend from Canada and we were blue and snarky together. I tell ya, having a pity party with someone else just makes all the difference in the world.

Didn’t final in the Lone Star contest. I’m not surprised. Disappointed, but not surprised. I think I’m about to give up on contests altogether.

Submitted a favorite short story to Scribal Tales. I should hear back from them within 90 days or so. Curious to hear what they have to say about it. I love this story story – it’s called Eorwulf.

Got all the questions out to the pub’d authors to do a Spotlight On for the chapter newsletter. Good progress there. Already got one back! WOO! Found an awesome graphic to use for that column. Love it.

And, may I just say what a pain in the royal arse XP updates are? Now, I love XP, don’t get me wrong. But, dammit, I’ll restart when I’m good and ready and STOP GIVING ME THE FRICKIN POP UP TO RESTART.

There. I feel better.

My baby boy starts preschool today. He has to take his lunch and the sweetie asked for a lunchbox. How can I say no? So we went and he picked out a Spiderman lunchbox. He was so proud of that. He took it up to the register and everything. He showed it off to his grandparents and his aunt. It was cute. AND he has a nap mat with an attached pillow and blanket. CUTE. SO CUTE. I’m taking 12098123 pictures of him on his first day of preschool.

He should love that.

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