Happy Birthday to My Sweetie!

My little boy turns TEN today. TEN! I can hardly believe it! How did this happen? I keep telling him I’m going to put a rock on his head to keep him from growing. He gives me a sour look and says, “MOM. That doesn’t work.” I can try, can’t I?

Here he is at Easter at my sister’s picking radishes. It was better than the Easter egg hunt, let me tell you.

Seriously, though, I look at the calendar and my kid and I can’t believe how fast time goes by. (August is almost over. Really?!?) Wasn’t it just yesterday I was holding him in my arms and feeding him a bottle? Changing diapers? Wiping drool as he cut his first tooth? Watching him discover his hands for the first time? I just know I’m going to blink and he’ll be graduating from high school and, um, I’ll be really friggin’ old.

Dear Father Time: Please slow down. I’m not ready for my son to be taller than me. Can’t we just freeze time for a little while? You know, doing all the fun stuff that involves fun activites (i.e., not work)? That’s mybirthday wish for him. To enjoy life and childhood and stay as carefree as he can. Because someday, sooner than we all want, he’ll be grown and I’ll be old(er).

Happy birthday to my sweetie-boy!

By Michelle

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