Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone!

Yesterday was so cold. I think I froze all day long. I finally had to turn the heat on because I couldn’t stand it anymore. I got used to the 70 degree weather and then all of a sudden it’s 45 again!

I baked my cheesecake yesterday afternoon and it cracked all over. I was so dismayed. I did everything right in the oven, too. And then I realized what I did different – I used the big Kitchenaid mixer.

I’ve decided the big mixer whips too much air into the cheesecake and therefore causes it to crack. Becuase I make sure my oven is humid enough and I leave the door open to allow it to cool to room temperature before pulling it out. The last few cheesecakes I’ve made, I’ve used my hand mixer and I really think that is the difference.

So now I have an ugly cheesecake with cracks all in the top. Good thing it’s a NY Cheesecake and it will be covered with cherries.

We headed to Mom’s after that and went to the rodeo. It was the kid’s first one – and mine too – but Mom’s millionth. 🙂 She said when she was a girl growing up in West Texas, all there was to do was go to the rodeo and she used to go a lot. I gotta admit, it was a lot of fun. And cheap! It’s the 50th anniversary of the Mesquite Rodeo (the world famous Mesquite Rodeo!) and they rolled back prices for the opening weekend – $1 to get in! Even the concession stand had $1 stuff – drinks, hot dogs, candy, and chips.

We let the kids do the pony rides ($3) and then the petting zoo ($3). The entire evening for four of us cost under $20. What a deal!

We also let the kids do the kid scramble where they run after the calf and try to get the ribbon and win a prize. Since I was in the concession line, my friend took the kids (her son who is 8, mine, and my niece) down to run. I came back up in time to see the scramble and I saw Sweetie Boy standing in the middle of the arena brushing himself off. hehe I handed Mom the drinks and the candy and headed back down.

By the time I got down there, most of the kids had come back up. But no Sweetie Boy. But I couldn’t see my friend either, so I figured all was well. I went and got lids and straws for the cups and came back. There was my friend with her son and Niece, but no Sweetie. She was looking rather worried.

When I walked up, I said, “Did you lose my kid?”

She looked absolutely devastated. “YES.”

I talked to the security guard who had a radio and they were looking for him. Meanwhile, another lady walkd up with a missing kid. My friend headed back up with the cup lids and straws with the kids.

For a brief second, I thought  – “WHAT IF?” the horrible What If that parents think and you don’t WANT to think. I mean, after all, he is a really cute kid and just what if? My heart pounded for a minute as I talked to the security guy. I got a little more worried when he said, “Let’s go find a police officer.”



But then I thought – wait – this is the rodeo. Sweetie will be okay. There are too many good ole boys here. Cowboys are probably some of the nicest folks on earth. Right up there with hockey players in my book. And I refused to panic because that just wouldn’t solve anything. Plus, there was a nice presence of the Mesquite PD.

As we started to walk toward, he got a call on the radio. But the response was muddy. So we stood there. And then lo and behold, a super nice lady with a security guards and kids - including mine – in tow came walking up.

“There’s your mommy!” she said.

And there was my Sweetie. Looking all calm. “Mom,” he said. “I got lost.”

And that was that. As we headed back up to our seats, she waved at him and said, “It was very nice to meet you, sweetie!”

I asked him later if he was scared. He said no and, “I just told the man with the radio your name and my name.”

Pretty smart kid. I’m impressed and pleased that he’s so smart and didn’t freak out. And I’m happy it all turnd out well. It’s really nice to see there are still good people left in this world.

My friend was relieved too. 🙂

Anyhoo – I’m off to bake Easter cookies! And then we’re back to Mom’s for Easter dinner and an egg hunt.

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.