Happy Friday!

And I mean happy as in it’s a happy Friday – not just have a happy Friday!

It’s going to be a long weekend. Here in the States, it’s Memorial Day on Monday. And Sunday happens to be my birthday. We’re going to see Pirates 3 – WOOHOO! Saturday I’m going to be picking up my mommy and then she, Sweetie boy, and me are all going out to dinner to The Man’s restaurant cuz, you know, I’m lazy and don’t want to cook and it’s a free meal for all involved. 🙂 Well, relatively free. I’ll still leave a sizeable tip.

Yesterday, I was talking with Best Good Friend/Sysenlaw and SHE told me this. She hadn’t heard from Borders yet about her book she ordered, so she calls them And lo and behold, the guy says he thinks it came in with their shipment, got shelved…and sold. That means it’s somewhere out there in captivity, owned by someone I don’t even know. How totally rocking cool is THAT? The guy apologized profusely, but she was pretty glad it happened (and so am I) AND she orderd another one.


I still haven’t received my author copies. If they don’t come today, I’m going to have to find out what’s up.

Last night, the boy and I went to Borders because I had a gift card burning a hole in my purse. So I figured I’d let him pick out a book. They had a large display of POTC books – and of course he picked the movie storybook. I am trying very hard to maintain control and NOT go read the end of it because I totally want to be surprised. It’s very hard to resist that kind of temptation especially when it’s the next room over.

I also got him another Magic Tree House book, #33, Carnival at Candlelight. We started reading it last night. These are the best books. Not only educational, but fun to read. AND they have illustrations. They’re just little chapter books, but the Sweetie Boy loves them. He was very excited with this one has it had a window cling in the back he could put up on his bedroom window. He would find the one book with a sticker in it, eh?

Anyway. Don’t know if I’ll get to blog this weekend. I have lots to do. If not, have a save and happy Memorial weekend, ya’ll!

By Michelle

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