Happy Friday!

Progress Update: 1040 words on the scifi (appropriate for tax day!) and 60 pages of edits on the contemporary. Go me!

I’m so happy it’s Friday! Not that I can sleep in on Saturday since we have a 9 am soccer game. Why do they DO that to parents? Ah well. Such is life!

We’re going to try to get to the movies this weekend and see How To Train Your Dragon. Really looking forward to that! Plus I need to start thinking about getting the non-finalists entries back and get that checked off the list. Lots of people emailing me about that. Yes, yes. I knowyou want your scores back. I’m trying to get the motivation up to do it because it will mean hours at the computer. Not writing. And definitely not playing Mahjongg Dimensions on Facebook. 😀

I don’t think people realize what a big job contest coordinator is. We had approximately 95 entries this year. Each entry gets four judges. So by the time I get them all back, I have a total of approximately 380 entries. Which I have to double check the scores, enter into the category score matrix and a judge score matrix, figure out the three finalists in each of the seven categories. And then I have to get the non-finalist letter ready. And then I have to email approximately 75 people with their respective scores.

So the next time you enter a contest, and finalists are announced, don’t email the coordinator immediately with, “Hey, where’s my stuff?” Cuz, you know, I know you want it back and I’ll do it as soon as I have enough time to sit and do it all. ‘k? That’s my Public Service Announcement for the day. 😉

Okay that’s it for me. Y’all have a SUPER weekend. I’m going to try to finish these edits this weekend. If I can hunker down at the computer and workfor a good couple hours, I can probably knock it out. And then, the dreaded synopsis. Eck.

PS: The cat is being showered with lots of loving attention by both Man and me. Heck, he even played with a fly in the house last night… he’s such a spoiled rotten cat!

By Michelle

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