Happy Friday

Quick entry here as I’m in the middle of reading Mending Resolute. (Pardon me while I plug my friend. I suggest you check out this serial. It’s FANTASTIC and well worth the $3.33 a month.)

Today was a smashing day. Got to the new job with nary a problem. I love being in the heart of downtown. All the terrific restaurants are within walking distance. Got to go to PF Chang’s for lunch. YUM. My first order of business was to organize the desk. It was filthy so I cleaned it up. Got the computer the way I wanted it. Stocked up on supplies – pens, post-its, correction tape. Filled out all my new hire paperwork which took nearly an hour! I actually signed up for the 401K, something I’ve never done before. This afternoon, I worked on my first proposal cover. It’s for an Air Force base in California.

I tell ya, it felt like coming home. And the office is so…quiet! That’ll change as soon as I get settled. HEHE I’m planning on taking a radio, computer speakers, and all my favorite music to work by. Lots of people remembered me and were happy to have me back.

Went shopping this evening for some hosiery and uh… bought a pair of shoes. What can I say? I need therapy.

Okay.. I’m off to read. I’m absorbed into the story and I don’t want to stop now. I finally got smart and printed off 10 issues so I’m going to go climb in bed and read. After that.. going to work on the serials. Really. I swear…

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.