Happy Good Friday!

The end of another long week… ah, bliss.

It’s supposed to rain this weekend which means no yard work for me. Probably a good thing. I’ve been issued a moratorium on digging anyway. 😀 Kind of a bummer, though, to get a dumping of rain on Easter. That means no Easter egg hunts for the kiddos… and driving to church could be treacherous. If it’s not thunderstorming, I’ll be picking up the kiddo for the 12:30 service. If it is, then I’ll be staying inside where it’s dry. And safe. hah

I announced the winner of the Fire At Midnight drawing last night, so in case you missed it scroll down one entry to see it.

In other news… I have my chapter meeting on Saturday. The North Texas Paranormal Investigators are coming to talk to us and I can’t wait to hear them. It should be great fun! I think I have everything prepared and ready for the meeting. I’ve gotten to the point where I have to make detailed notes or otherwise I forget what to talk about. That’s kinda lame, isn’t it?

Not much else to report. Just working away on the WIP! I’ve nearly finished the rewrite of chapter 7. It’s slow going and rather laborious, but the rewrite is so much better than the original.

Okay, short post today. Hope everyone has a satisfying weekend/Easter!

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.