Happy Leap Day!

Today is a day that only happens every four years…so make the best of it. 😉

Can I just say I totally love this new blog? I’m thinking it’s a keeper!

Was I the only one bawling like an idiot at the end of Lost? And FINALLY! We got some answers. It was a great episode. Totally cool! I love Desmond. That’s all I’m saying – no spoilers here.

AND…the Stars kicked Blackhawks booty. They won 7-4. Brad Richards is our new guy and he had 5 assists. I think he was definitely a good addition to the team. I’m going to the game next Wednesday, so I’m looking forward to watching him play in person.

Plus the kid was in a pleasant mood, so it was a good evening all around.

At lunch yesterday, a co-worker friend and I went to Steinmart. I totally forgot about this store, but she had been telling me about some great deals she found there. So went went a lunch and I came away with another steal – Michael Kors shirt for $17. I was so happy! I can’t believe all the great deals I’m finding lately. I’m going to have to keep Steinmart on my list of places to shop.

When I got home from work, I had a nice refund check in my mailbox. That was a pleasant (and unexpected) surprise. Inching ever closer to getting me out of debt (even though I really want to blow it, I’m doing the adult, responsible thing and paying off bills. How boring!). But on the downside, my car insurance went up and I have no idea why. I’m going to have to call them and see what’s up. That was a bummer and really rather irritating.

Overall, the day was pretty bang up good. Shocking, really. I found good deals, the Stars won, I got money… all is right with the world! 😉

I haven’t written much in the last few days. I’m sort of waiting for March 1. And now that I’ve started the story, Delilah has suddenly shut up. I will have to make her talk. Perhaps special dark chocolate will coax her out of her silence.

This weekend, we have a soccer game on Saturday afternoon and then we’re headed to the movies on Sunday to see the Spiderwyck Chronicles. It’s supposed to rain that day, so it’ll be a perfect day to get out and do that.  We also have a school project to work on. He has to make a Texas flag – which of course means, *I* have to make a Texas flag. It has to be bigger than 12 x 18 and the colors have to be done in something OTHER than crayon. Okay, so I have to get creative. I haven’t come up with anything yet. Feel free to toss ideas my way. 🙂 In the meantime, I’ll be heading to Michael’s, Hobby Lobby or Wal-Mart to see what I can find.

Tonight, though, we’re just hanging around together at the house. I love those evenings. They’re the best.

Oh, and I redid the fashion blog the other night too. I’m working on an entry right now about shopping smart (hehe) so when you have a chance, pop over here and check it out. I hope to have my post up sometime later today or maybe tonight.

By Michelle

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