Happy October!

Today starts my favorite time of year. Today – it’s officially October!

I think what’s so great about it is the cooler weather, the State Fair of Texas, pumpkins, and Halloween. The school carnival is coming up this month, too. Lots of fall things coming up. Love it.

Last night I cooked my famous chicken fried steak. Except the kid wasn’t hungry so I made enough to feel a small army and have tons of leftovers. Guess I know what I’m having for lunch today. 😉 So I made him finish his homework and then banished him to his room afterward. He was excited to sleep in his new bed, so he insisted on doing his homework there. I’m sure the newness of that will wear off soon enough.

I did some more work on various chapter things. But sometimes, there comes a point where you just say enough. I called it a night early. Meaning, I didn’t get back to the computer to do anything. Which was a nice pace. Instead, Man read his new Dan Brown book and I read my Jim Butcher book.

And that’s about it. Supposed to rain today right about soccer practice time. We’ll see if we have it or not. If not… I have no idea what I’m doing for dinner. Oh! I know! Leftovers… yeah, baby. 😉

By Michelle

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