Happy Samhain!

It’s the Celtic new year so Happy Samhain! Always good to have new beginnings. 🙂

Here’s my little Stormtrooper Rex. I have to admit, that costume did look pretty sharp on him. He didn’t wear the big mask when we were out – I was afraid it would be too dark with the tint. So he went mask-less. We were out for an hour and hit three streets. He made sure to tell me along the way it was good exercise for us. LOL

We got back and I went through his candy to make sure all was well. Then we passed out candy for the next couple of ours. The first kid we got was dressed up as Darth Vader! LOL! The boys sized each other up; I think they were about the same age. Darth said, “HEY! You’re a Stormtrooper!” Too bad they couldn’t have gone together. That would have been cool.

Kiddo helped hand out candy and greeted them with, “Hello, sir,” at the door which cracked me up. He’s a funny kid, really. And super hyper. I let him indulge in candy and finally got him wound down.

Man came over, too, and we hung out. After I got the kiddo in bed, I stole a quick nap with the instructions to wake me up at midnight so I could start NaNo. He’s a good boyfriend; he let me sleep and got me up to start writing. I told him my goal was 2,000. I made it to 1400. This morning he told me I have 600 more words to go and I have to check in with him when I get them done. LOL He’s cracking the whip on me. It’s all good – I need that!

Today it was off to pick up Kiddo’s new glasses and then a hair cut. He looks so handsome! I was going to take him to see City of Ember but there’s no theater near us showing it. In fact, the closest one is in Frisco (HELLO) so we’ll be skipping that. Instead, I’m going to buy him Journey to the Center of the Earth on DVD. I think we’ll get more enjoyment out of that anyway.

Gotta grocery shop. I’m cooking dinner for my friend and her new beau tomorrow. I’m doing a roasted pork loin and roasted veggies. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

Once the kiddo gets in bed tonight, I’ll be back to NaNoing. Today is still Day 1 as far as I’m concerned and I’m going to get more words in tonight. I’m determined!

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.