Happy Valentine’s Day

In all my years, I have never had a Valentine’s Day that I can say, “WOW. That was the best V-Day ever.” Never got flowers. Never got jewelry. Never got anything worth a shit. I’ve pretty much written off Valentine’s Day. I even had a boyfriend break up with me on Valentine’s. Isn’t that nice? It’s left a bitter taste in my mouth.

Maybe this year will be different but I highly doubt it.

I did however get THE sweetest Valentine EVER. And it was my the sweetest boy EVER. No, not The Man. But my baby boy. Check it out.

The outside:

The inside:

In case you can’t read that it says: I love you because… you’re the best cookr. And yes, he misspelled cooker but I LOVE IT. It nearly brought me to tears. And he told me – he highlighted LOVE.


I’m the best cooker. The best. HEHEHE

Dammit it’s sweet.


I swear I really think my mind is a total void still. I try to write and get nothing. And I think I know what part of my problem is. I’m not reading books like I used to. And when I don’t read, I don’t write. And when I don’t write, I struggle and I get frustrated and I get annoyed with myself. It’s a vicious circle.

Maybe I need some new music to fuel the fire. And to get back to my TBR pile. And to do some serious critiiqueing. I DO have those contest entries I simply must get to here in the next few days but I’ve been putting them off. I come home with a headache every single day and it’s really starting to grate on my nerves.

I don’t love today. Suppose I’ll head to the office. The Man is working tonight – SURPRISE – so I suppose I’ll be staying home and having sloppy joes. Yay me.

By Michelle

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