Hello, 911? I’m on fire

OMG It’s gorgeous outside! I got up early this morning and made a pot of coffee. Then watched the news. Took a shower, headed to the post office. Then grocery shopping. I have edits to do on Ransom & Fortune, and MAGIC to finish. I don’t want to do ANY of it.

The beauty of this spring day is luring me outside. I want to go buy plants for my patio and spray paint to paint my rusty, ugly patio furniture that’s 100 years old. I just want to go PLAY. But being broke puts a serious downer on that. Tis okay. I need to WRITE anyway. I need to find my zone again.

Before I close and get back to writing today, here’s a funny.

Yesterday, as I was driving home down Davis Boulevard and talking to my Best Good Friend (BGF), there was a fire truck in the right lane (I was in the far left). And, sitting right by the window, was the HUNKIEST fireman I’ve ever seen. OMG He was totally cute. Poor BGF was right in the middle of a story when I interrupted with, “There’s the hottest fireman I’ve ever seen!” I grinned at him. He grinned at me. All across the lanes of Davis Boulevard. Then the fire truck turned into the station and I continued on my merry way, my heart palpitating in my chest at just how HOT that guy was.

“Go back and get him, Mik!” she said.

Oh hell no. I am SO not that kind of girl. We made the jokes – “Hello, 911? I’m on fire.” and “Dial 911, make a cop come.” and “Women prefer firemen because they have big hoses.”

What can I say? We’re sick puppies. :yeahbaby:


This morning, after leaving the post office – which JUST happens to be right up the street from the fire station – I drove by. Not once. But twice. There were no cute boys hanging around outside. Not that I would pull over or anything. I just had to satisfy my curiousity. And you know what? All the garage doors were open at the station. Maybe I should have pulled over. Told them I needed mouth-to-mouth…


Okay, enough of this nonsense! I have to get back to writing.

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.