Hello, Gorgeous Friday

I made it to Friday. Finally.

Yesterday, I took the kiddo for his 10 year check up. It’s hard to believe that he’s 10. He’s in perfect health but he did have to get a shot. Which he hates. The last time he had to get a shot, he was awful. He told the nurse no, put his arm in his shirt. In short, I was highly unhappy with him. So when I picked him up from school, I told him that he will not behave in such a manner. He will not scream and cry and yell. He will sit there and get his shot and then we’ll go home.

Well, it wasn’t that simple. But at least he didn’t scream this time. He did cry a little. When he got home, he asked if he could have his “reward”. I told him his reward was not getting in trouble for acting up. 😀

I watched the new Person of Interest last night. It was great. Hubby and I both liked it and it’s on our “record series” list now. Michael Emerson was excellent in the show.

I haven’t been doing any writing. Unless you count blog posts and answering interview questions. 🙂 This weekend I need to try to work on the gladiator book. I’ve been wrapped up in promo and haven’t devoted time to the edits. Plus, I really want to finish the second draft of my futuristic (I guess that’s what it is though I haven’t figured out what it is…it’s a hybrid genre…).

Anyway… glad it’s Friday. I have some fun things planned for the weekend but I’ll talk about that on Monday. Happy weekend!

By Michelle

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