Hero Name

Okay… I chose a hero name for my next WIP – Mark will be his first name. And, as my friend said, I better get to work on him. :thumbsup:

Gotta run to the department store today to return some pants I bought. One leg was longer than the other. Of course, when I tried them on, I didn’t notice, but when I wore them to work, I did. Figures. It was RE-TAR-DED. And I’m annoyed that I have to go through the hassel of returning them. Oh well.

Hopefully will get some writing done today.

Need to start thinking about next month’s newsletter, but haven’t. Allergies are awful today. My eyes sockets ache. It sucks.

Forgot to mention that all is well with my family in East Texas. Just some power outages and no major damage. Relief abounds! :relieved:

By Michelle

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