Hey it’s cold!

We got a cold front in yesterday morning. It bought lots of rain and a crisp north wind. I actually got to wear boots, too. It’s still a little crips this morning. In fact, it was 67 degrees in the house this morning. BRR

It finally stopped raining close to noon. I was glad since I had to leave and go get Sweetie Boy for his eye appointment. He did very well at his check up. The doctors are so great. I really like them. There hasn’t been much change in his amblyopia but at least the doctors think by next check up (6 months), we can lower his presription a little.

After his doctor’s appointment, and since I was downtown, we stopped off at my office. He told me he liked going because there’s candy at my office. haha He knew right where I keep it too. After several pieces, he at all my granola bars too. Went home and his dad picked him up shortly after. I had to run to Party City to return a fog machine I decided I didn’t want. That place was a ZOO. At least they did a no hassle return. The money I got back will pay for the boots I bought the baby boy this weekend.

I had a really quiet evening at home alone. I worked on a Christmas present I’m putting together for my sis-in-law. It took quite a bit of time – I spent over an hour on it. By the time 9 pm rolled around, I was beat and ready for bed. Instead, I talked on the phone for about 30 minutes with another friend. I finally crashed around 10.

Pretty boring evening, eh? It was nice and quiet though 🙂

By Michelle

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