Highway Robbery

I am completely GLUED to the TV every night with the Olympics on. That Michael Phelps is one amazing kid. I couldn’t believe how fast he swam last night. Just amazing!

In an effort to get me writing again, I’ve dusted off the laptop again. It needed updates – Windows and AVG. I also cleaned up the hard drive and got installed the new version of Office. So I sat in front of swimming and typed out the blog (Go USA!) and then worked on the rewrite a little bit.

It’s hard to believe school starts in two weeks. We’ll be doing meet the teacher on the 21st. I can’t believe this summer is gone. Though I have to say I’m really ready for Fall. It’s still hot and I’m tired of it (who isn’t here in North Texas?). I’m so ready for my warmer clothes, sweaters, boots, and cool weather. Especially October! I have lots of fun things planned for that month so I’m really looking forward to it.

You know what I’ve noticed about the grocery store lately? Not too long ago, Lara blogged about the shrinking packaging but the price staying the same. Here’s what bugs me. These companies rook you into buying their products, promising refills and less overall waste. But here’s the thing that KILLS me – you get their “starter kit” for one price (usually lower) and then the refill is twice the price. For instance: The Swiffer Duster. I love this thing but WHY should I pay nearly $4.00 for the refill when I can get the starter kit for $2.00? That’s dumb. Anothing one I noticed: those Charmin Fresh Mates. The “starter kit” is $1.88. But if you want the refill, be prepared to pay nearly $4.00. That irritates me. I can tell you I will definitely buy the new package again before I buy the refill.

Oh, and a 12 pack of Coca-Cola went up from $3.88 to $4.18.

What’s really sad… they’ll get us paying the higher prices and then they’ll never go down. We’ll probably be stuck paying $3.60/gallon for gas forever, too. I remember when I had my first car back in the early 90s I paid $0.88/gallon. Those were the days!

Okay that’s it for me. I’m off.

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.