Holidays Approacheth

When you hear people say, “It’s the holidays,” I wonder just exactly WHEN that starts. With Halloween? The first of November? Thanksgiving? The first Christmas decoration up in the stores? It’s hard to believe Thanskgiving is in two days. Where has this year gone? I mean, I blinked and now it’s nearly CHRISTMAS? How does this happen every year?

I’m starting to get my end-of-year writing blues – depressed about not accomplishing as much as I wanted to this year. I have agressive and ambitious goals set out for 2011. Sometimes when I read that list, I get scared. I mean, really. Who do I think I am? Do I really think I can accomplish all that?

I hope so.

All my volunteering is winding down and I have one big thing left to do this year (the contest) which, I’ve decided, will be my last year to do it. Five years is long enough to coordinate a contest, don’t you think? I’ve written a Policy & Procedure Manual so it should go smoothly for the next person. I”m telling myself that I”m going to hand over the reins and not worry about it. Yeah, I’m trying to comfort myself with the thought of them having a P&PM. 😀 We’ll see.

18 days to go!
By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.