Home Opener!

Quote du Jour:
Chaos, panic, disorder… my work here is done.

Tonight is the night! The long awaited moment. The time we’ve been looking forward to for over a year. THIS IS IT! Tonight, folks, we get this:


It’s the home opener for the Dallas Stars.

I love me some hockey boys.

Yesterday at the office, I was moving some things around (we’re renovating and we have to clean out our areas for new carpet. It’s thrilling, let me tell ya), and the building maintenance guy was changing out some lamps (yes, lamps.. I’m married to an electrician and they are called LAMPS not BULBS you see). One of the engineers said, “Hey, did you see that game last night?” (meaning Monday Night Football)

Before the maintenance guy could reply, I said, “Who cares! It’s football!”

You should have seen the looks of death I got. Very funny. You’d think I insulted someone of importance. Not football. I then proceeded to tell them the ONLY sport worth watching is hockey. Those players are the toughest men on the planet. They play with broken wrists, back spasms, etc. I admire them (and of course they’re HOT). Most of them are educated, NOT drug addicts, NOT wimps, and they’re family men (despite being on the road so much).

So the maintenance guy says, “You like the violence, don’t you?”

“Yeah! It’s HOT!”

I got looks of disdain. And a few chuckles.

And here’s something that ticks me off. We were watching the 6:00 pm news last night and when the sports came on, first they talked about the Dallas Cowboys (as if we care), then the Texas Rangers (boo hiss), then ONE SENTENCE about the Dallas Stars, THEN THEY FRICKING TALKED ABOUT THE TRAINING CAMP FOR THE DALLAS MAVERICKS. Soooooooooo… why the hell is football, baseball and basketball MORE IMPORTANT that my hockey? WHY? I ask you, WHY? F’ers. I’ve a mind to write a nasty letter to the newscasters and complain. I just might do it too.

So yesterday was a day of manual labor. Hated.It. And then Monday we get to put everything back together. Hate.It.Too.

BUT, this weekend I’m going away for a long weekend with my RWA chapter. It’s our annual writers retreat AND I get to spend THREE days with good friends, good food, talking about writing and having a great time. Leaving Friday morning and will be returning on Sunday morning. I won’t have internet access (THE HORROR) but it will be good for me. I can’t wait!

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.