Home Stretch

Finally, the week is nearing an end. Can I just say I’m so happy it’s Friday? I seriously think I could break down and cry at this point I’m so happy.

It’s been a helluva week.

Today my arthritic hands hurts so bad I’m having a hard time typing. I took some meds for it this morning but it’s still stiff. I can’t make a fist. Well, I CAN, but my forefinger refuses to make a fist. It sucks being old sometimes.

We’re having this family open house/charity event at the new office tonight. My boss, co-worker and I have worked our buns off all week on it. We’re doing a bear drive for one of the children’s hopsitals here in town (who also happens to be a client). One of the engineers, who helped organize the event, was bringing some wood pieces to help build a “bear corral” for the stuffed bears. He had to make a stop on the way to work this morning and one of the pieces turned up missing out of the back of his truck.

Now, what kind of sorry world do we live in where someone STEALS wood out of the back of a truck? Wood that’s for a charity event? For kids? It’s sickening, really, and I feel so bad for the guy. He was very upset. Can’t say I blame him. But we’ll figure it out. There are always problems before the big event, right? 🙂

Today, the boss and I are off to pick up the rest of the food and drinks, finish setting up the room (we did massive decorating yesterday), and then the event starts at 5. I plan to collapse as soon as I get home. LOL

What else is going on in my life… let’s see… The deadline for the contest is tomorrow and I’m fielding all sorts of questions about entering. So I worked on the contest for about two hours last night as well as cooked dinner and helped with homework.

I’m tired. I’m sore. I’m cranky. I think I’ll get more coffee.

TGIF, y’all.

By Michelle

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