Oy, it’s soooo hot out there. It hit 105 yesterday and will be that again today. But – hey – by the end of the week we’re supposd to have a cool front and hit the upper 90s. Hooray! :plain:

Just a side note, The Collective You should have Episode #4 up this morning!

I came to a realization yesterday about Nice Girls Do. I finally know what’s wrong with it. Gee, it only too a year, right? Anyway, I was reading the final version of Talk Dirty To Me yesterday and the tone and feel of the book is NOT at all like NGD. So it hit me – NGD doesn’t have the same playfulness as TDTM. That’s what’s missing! Plus I just hate the story. So it’ll probably go into the scrap bin, which I hate because it’s over 45 pages. *sigh*

Anyway, I was looking at another draft for the third book in the Coffee House Chronicles called Take Me I’m Yours and it does seem to have the same tone and feel as TDTM. So I may start working on that a little instead. Of course I still have One Knight Only to finish…

So many projects, so little time!

And I was thinking about submitting MAGIC somewhere else, too. I have the submission package ready, I’m just trying to decide if I really want to send it. It will be at least another 3-4 months before I hear back from Harlequin.

Something to think about anyway. 

Last night I ran out at 9:00 to the drug store. The second I hit the outside, it was like this blast of hit hitting me in the face. Like walking into a blasted oven. Gaw, it’s hot. I dread the thought of today.

I tried to write last night, but nothing was coming to me. So I put on a movie (Someone Like You) and watched it instead.

I’ve been having restless nights, even though I’m exhausted. Hopefully that will start to get better. For now, I best pack up my stuff and head to the office. :dead:

I need :coffee:

By Michelle

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