Hooray Parfait

“Parfait’s gotta be the tastiest thing on the whole damn planet.”
–Donkey, Shrek (2001)

There’s this cafe within walking distance of the office that has these wonderful parfaits made with yogurt, fresh fruit and granola. The only catch is, they’re $4.50 for one. Which, to a cheapskate like me, is steep. So this weekend, I got the bright idea that I would make my own.

I bought one of the big tubs of french vanilla yogurt and then went to the farmers market and got fresh strawberries and blueberries. Which are just awesome. So fresh and sweet and yummy. Then I had these Nature Valley granola bars. I took one and put it in a ziploc bag and pounded it into crumbs and – VOILA – granola.

So I took a glass, filled it with yogurt, added the fruit, sprinkled the granola and I swear I had my own little parfait for about half the price. I’ve been enjoying them all week. And they are quick yummy. And the berries are awesome. I love fresh blueberries a lot more than I ever though I would!

Last night Man and I went to The Container Store. Always a dangerous place for us and our wallets. But I was good – I bought nothing. He, however, come home with some things including a new spice rack where we can fill the jars with our own spices. WOO! I’m really excited about that.

Funny, that when you grow up, you get excited about things like washers and dryers and… spice racks. Heck I was excited last summer when I bought tires for my car. Not a fun thing to buy but at least I could afford them.

Tonight I have some chapter business to tend to and more contest entries to get done and then I have to get on with revisions. I simply MUST.

Although, I have to say, I bought myself some time accidentially. The email I sent the agent bounced because apparently I can’t read and typed the durn email address wrong. I didn’t know it bounced until yesterday (and I’d sent it Sunday) so I resent it. And thank goodness for small miracles – the very first word was a typo! Sheesh. Way to go, Michelle. But I fixed it and sent it and it’s all good now. So cross your fingers. For real this time.

It’s hump day – hard to believe the week is half over. I have too much to do! I guess it always seems like that, though.

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.