Hot…and Cold

Yesterday it was 80 degrees. We ran around in short-sleeved shirts all day. And today? Well, we had thunderstorms this morning and hellacious wind this afternoon. Tonight, it’s COLD. The temperature has dropped to 54. The low tonight is supposed to be 35. Go figure.

This is the strangest weather I’ve ever seen. I have never seen it go up and down so much, even for Texas. And that’s the norm around these parts. We’ll be back up into the 70s by the first of the week I’m sure. Seeing as how that’s the way things go around here.

Christmas was very low-key and calm. I had my mom with me and my kiddo and we stayed home all day long. We didn’t go anywhere. I cooked a pot roast in the crock pot for dinner. The kiddo played and played with his Milennium Falcon (and yeah so did I! :grin:).

I had been eyeing this Cuisinart coffee pot – the thermal one with the grinder on top – for a while now. Macy’s had it on sale for $129 (regularly $199) and I was salivating to have it. Mom said she’d stay with the kiddo if I wanted to get up early and shop. The store opened at 6 am! Well, I couldn’t drag myself out of bed that early but I did make it to the store by 7 am. I bought the very last one! It rang up $199 but I made the saleslady go look up the right price and she charged the the $129. I was so excited. So much so, in fact, I couldn’t remember where the stupid door was to get out. Anyway, it was humid and just gross outside on Friday. The kiddo’s dad picked him up at around 10 am and then I drove Mom back home.

That afternoon, Man came over so we could have our Christmas. We had presents first because neither of us could wait. We’re like kids, still. 😉 I got a very large bottle of my favorite perfume, two books to add to my collection, a calendar, and an HD ready/MP3 player car stereo. WOOHOO! I’m so excited about that. Now I just need to call to get it installed. I can’t wait either! It’s got a USB plug in the front as well as a plug for an iPod (should I ever get one). Very excited about that.

He took me to Saltgrass for dinner and we stuffed ourselves silly. We even had dessert and, despite the fact he’s skinny, that man can pack away the food. It’s amazing actually. Afterward, we stopped at Starbucks for some whole beans to break in the new coffee pot.

I gotta say, it makes the best coffee EVER. The kiddo came back that night since his dad had to work today and he opened his gifts from Man. He got him a Hot Wheels Trick Tracks and they had to put it together immediately. He thought it was super cool. We were going to head to the movies today but the kiddo was feeling a little under the weather so we stayed in all day. The wind howled and gusted ALL day long. Someone’s trash can ended up in my yard on several different occasions.

Kiddo’s dad picked him up a few minutes ago. Man is off with his daughter. And the house is strangely silent. I don’t think I’ve been alone here in a couple of days. It’s…weird. I like it, though! Think I’m going to finish my grocery list and see if I’m brave enough to go shopping tonight. HA!

By Michelle

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