Houston, we have plane tickets

79 days to go

It’s official: we now have plane tickets for our destination wedding! And a hotel room! We’re actually spending the weekend in Miami before we get on the cruise.


Since I’ve never been to Miami, this is going to be a real treat. I better start working on my waistline. Seeing as how I only have 79 days until departure. Yes, I’m counting down.

Yesterday, Man and I took care of some business at the courthouse so we can actually get hitched. It involved getting certified copies of the divorce decrees. One of my good friends notarized our marriage license application. Now I just need two more documents and I can fax everything to the wedding coordinator! (Isn’t that too cool? *I* have a wedding coordinator!)

I’ve been writing, too. Well, that’s not entirely true. I’ve been revising. I’m over halfway through with the book now. I hope to be done in another week. But, I have a release party on Friday at The Romance Studio and I need to prepare for that.

I can’t believe it’s Thursday!

By Michelle

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