Hugs N Kisses

Today was a particularly down day for me. It was one of those days that I didn’t want to be anywhere and I certainly didn’t feel like being cheerful.

At lunchtime, I had to run an errand to the bank, so I swung by to see my Sweetie Boy. Getting a hug and a kiss from that sweet baby made it somewhat better.

Work was fine. Nothing of note happened there, not that there is anything of note that ever happens there. It’s just the Day Job, after all.

I’m pretty tired after the weekend and especially after doing NOTHING all day yesterday. I made a batch of brownies, ate half the pan, drank half a pot of coffee and had a Sex and the City marathon. By the time 9 o’clock rolled around though, I was thoroughly bored. So I went to bed and finished reading Witch Fire (good book by the way).

And I’m still having a hard time decided what to blog about. It’s odd really. I always have something to say, but lately…not so much. (I mean in the blog of course.)

I’ve been toying with what my next project should be and I think I’ve finally decided. The first MAGIC book has been calling me. So I’ve decided to polish it up and submit it to Samhain.

The funny thing is…even though I’m dying to sell another manuscript, I’m just not interested in doing much of anything writing wise. I still have two more books to go through edits with the publisher but then after that, I’ve nothing new on the schedule. So I decided the MAGIC book would be the perfect next book…and mostly because it’s already finished. hehe

No weedeater fights tonight. I took it easy. And now I’m off to watch more Sex and the City. But hey – I’m nearly done with Season Four!

By Michelle

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