Hump Day!

Progress Update: Worked late but edited 120 pages of the contemporary and wrote 800 words on the new scifi that just finaled. YESH! Must write faster, though.

To all the comments regarding the cat: Thank you! Man is in Austin (yesterday and today) so I made every attempt to make sure kitty had lots and lots of attention. I made sure he had a place to hang out with me while I was sitting at the desk editing. He seemed content enough about that. I’m thinking he’s acting out, too, and that he’s upset that there is someone with testosterone in the house. Man is very allergic to the cat, so he doesn’t pet him very much.

Casse – Are you on the YR Yahoo loop? If not, email me here so I can get you on! Also, hopefully you can make it to the luncheon next month! We’re to near-full capacity and we have a couple of finalists coming (one from Alaska). It’s in Grapevine, too, and details are on the website here. Hope you can make it! PS In Nationals, let’s hang at the car, ‘k? Several YR gals are going, too. It’ll be a hoot.

Anyway – took a break editing last night and watched Lost and **SPOILER ALERT** I just NEW the Non-Locke in the Island timeline was going to do what he did to Desmond at the well. I KNEW IT. I was also shocked by what Desmond did to the Wheelchair Lock in the Sideways Timeline. Clearly Sideways Timeline Desmond knows something about the Island timeline folks…

And not much else to report other than I have a lot of things to do. Better get to it!

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.