I Don’t Like Ike

I can’t believe it’s Friday already! Whew! Time sure does fly.

I’m glad I posted the pictures in remembrance of 9/11. I have to admit, when I was searching for photos for yesterday’s entry, seeing those burning towers again got me all weepy. I had a really hard time with it – harder than I had ever anticipated. I will never forget – as I’m sure no one else will forget – where I was that morning. My sweet baby was barely 2 weeks old (and now he’s an obnoxious 7 year old! haha).

Anyway, got home yesterday afternoon and started dinner. I had intended to make this chicken recipe only to realize it would take TWO hours to bake in the oven! Forget that. I didn’t want to hold up dinner until 8 pm. That’s dumb. So instead, I cooked my improvised version of chicken fricasse. It actually came out good. Kiddo cleaned his plate – always a good sign.

Then I watched two episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation. I saw one I had never seen called Genesis and it completely freaked me out. The crew was infected by a strange virus that made them de-evolve. Even Data’s cat turned into an iguana. Weirdness. Data, of course, was the only one who couldn’t get sick and had to save them all but it was TOTALLY weird.

So since I’ve been watching STTNG again lately, I’ve been getting these little pieces of inspiration. I’ve always wanted to write science fiction… well, maybe someday. 🙂

We’re still Hurrican Ike. It is creeping closer to the coast. It looks to hit Galveston. The weather models are showing it turning right once it makes landfall, which will put us on the outer edge of it. We’ll get rain, but they’re still saying we’ll have gusty winds up to 70 mph. I’m kinda scared by that. It’ll be headed for East Texas after that – I have family out there so I’m worried about them. I also have family down in Houston and Beaumont, so that adds to that worry.

Our RWA meeting was canceled on Saturday and I’m hoping the soccer folks have the same idea. I would HATE to be sitting in a soccer field when Ike decided to show up and kick the ball.

Anyway – keep your fingers crossed for us down here. Pray Ike decides to take a hike at the last minute (though I don’t think that’ll happen…). It should be a VERY rocky weekend…

By Michelle

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