I don’t wanna get old…and other stuff

Quote du Jour:
“Live in the now! You’ll never afford it!”
–Wayne, Wayne’s World

I have just decided at this very moment that I don’t want to age another minute. That’s it. I’m done. Not getting any older.

Because, let me tell ya, this getting older crap is for the birds. My knees ache. My back aches. I have gray hair (thank goodness for Ms. Clairol). Climbing the stairs is a feat. I have a lovely creak in my right knee and, dammit, I don’t want to get old.

Ah well. I’ll get over it. Really, I will. I’m just having a moment.

Talk about tired. Picked up DS yesterday afternoon and he was crashed out. URGH. I hate when that happens because then he’s a bear the rest of the evening. Only at around bedtime does he get that second wind and he’s all happy. As if. I bugged the kid for a solid hour until he finally woke up. Then he sat at the dining table with his head on his arms says, “I’m tired.”

Finally got him to eat some dinner, he watched a few cartoons, and then he decided he wanted to go ride his bike. So off we went into the oppressive heat of the evening so he could ride around the block. Despite the fact that I wanted to lay on my ass and do nothing, I went outside with him and let him ride.

Exhaustion set in. By four yesterday afternoon I could hardly keep my eyes open. I decided I’d get myself in bed early last night, but wanted to finish watching the Lara Croft movie, which I did. (That bitch killed him!) Then, since I was all hot and bothered after seeing the sexy Gerry on the screen, I watched the good parts of Phantom – Point of No Return and The Mirror/Phantom of the Opera.

Climbing into bed, I snapped the light off rather early (just after 10 which is early for me). By 2:30 the kiddo was up needing to go potty (I will be so glad when he learns to do that by himself). So when the alarm went off this morning, instead of hitting snooze and turned it off. Overslept by about twenty minutes, made it to work on time but forgot my son’s school folder. Go figure.

Anyhoo.. it’s just another day. And I can’t believe I forgot the Shakespearean insult of the day yesterday. At any rate, here’s today’s:

Thou jarring hedge-born joithead!

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.