I got a new toy

Man loves me. He really loves me. He also pays attention, which is one of the (many) things I love about him.

He got me a new digital camera with front and back LCD screens, 12 MP and micoSD card. SQUEE! It’s slim and trim and awesome. And a vast improvement over my old clunker 6 MP. The back LCD screen is a touch screen. The front LCD is for making perfect self-portraits. It also as this “smile” feature: the camera will automatically take a photo as soon as the person smiles. No lie! I was in awe of it. hehe It’s totally cool.

I also got tickets to the new Sex and the City 2 movie, which we’ll be seeing tonight. WOOHOO!

We had dinner at On The Border – which was not the best experience ever. In fact, it was kind of awful. So guess what I did? I filled out their online survey and gave them ALL sorts of feedback. I don’t expect them to give me free stuff, but I DO expect to have good service when I go out to dinner. Especially on my birthday!

Anyway – I haven’t installed the software for my new camera but as soon as I do, I’ll upload a picture.

Hope everyone has a SUPER holiday weekend! I’m on a diet. 😀

By Michelle

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