I got called

Well I got called to do my civil duty on July 25. Yes, folks. I’ve been called for jury duty. Oh I’m so not looking forward to sitting on those hard benches outside the court room waiting to hear if I’ve been called or not. Nor am I looking forward to burning an entire day. I don’t know anyone who loves jury duty and if they say they do – they’re lying. 😉 At least I’ll get to read a book while I wait and hope I don’t get picked.

I did absolutely no writing yesterday. I picked up the baby boy and then we went home and he helped me cook dinner. We ate and when he decided he was bored with cartoons we walked over to the playground at the complex and he played while the mosquitos ate me alive. We only stayed 20 minutes or so.

And I’m highly annoyed. I’d just like to complain for a minute here. When I get to the office in the morning, I get there early so I can (a) drink coffee in peace; and (b) check my email. This morning, I was bothered no less than three times in a 10 minute span. :yelling:

Really happy it’s Friday. REALLY.HAPPY. Tomorrow is my RWA meeting and I’m looking forward to that.

And today – Dead Man’s Chest is out!!

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.