I have no creative title today

Song of the Day: Word Up by Korn

Yesterday, I made all but two of the lights on Rufe Snow. Today, I hit them all. Figures.

It was rather treacherous getting to work this morning. I had several close calls and one old bat who didn’t want to let me on the freeway. Now that just pisses me off to no end. I’m going 70, have the pedal floored, and she STILL won’t slow up a tad to let me on. And I refused to back off. Should have ran her ass off the road especially since my car was bigger than her car. Once I got behind her, I smiled and waved at her with my middle finger. Old biddy. :yelling:

Since I was angry AND driving – never a good combination – I hightailed it down 121 and made it to what I affectionately call the Merge of Death. It’s where 121 curves into 35 and then splits off to 30. You take your life in your hands when you drive Dallas/Fort Worth freeways, I tell ya. So anyway, I’m doing the Merge of Death, which curves to 35 and then I have to immediately get over to take the spur to downtown. There’s a red Mitsubishi all over my tail and a dumbass in front of me who puts on the breaks to merge over. I’m thinking “DUDE! Just go!” There’s a nice hole in traffic and I dive over, all the while trying to dodge the moron in front of me and avoid getting rear-ended by Red Jackass behind me. Got all the way over in 2.3 seconds and took the spur.

Around the curve and down the bridge and to the first light in downtown hosts a very large 18-wheeler taking up two lanes AND he wants to get over a lane. I inch by in the right hand lane through the intersection because the light is green…and nearly get t-boned by a hot silver sports car running the light from my left.


I was very happy to be pulling into the parking garage in one piece.

Yeah, okay, still not writing. Where is my motivation? Gone. That’s where.

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.