I have no title today

Sunday nearly killed me. I was terribly busy running around and getting stuff done at the house.

I bought this amazing shoe rack that holds 36 shoes and is an over-the-door thing. I thought that’d be GREAT since I was tired of tripping on shoes that are homeless (i.e. have no boxes). I got it all put together, but it over my closet door…and the freaking door wouldn’t shut. Apparently, this closet door is a little bit narrower than a regular door. WHATEVER!

I tried to hang it on the back wall of the closet. I drilled holes and put in wall anchors and EVERYTHING. But to no avail. It still fell off the wall. Much to my dismay.

So today I schlepped it back to Bed Bath & Beyond to unshop. I hate unshopping. On Sunday, I had to unshop at Lowe’s and return 11 sets of hinges I bought. They didn’t fit my kitchen cabinets like I had envisioned, so back they went.

Anyway. Back to BB&B and I returned it. And bought a shoe rack that went on the floor and holds 20 shoes. Okay so it’s not as cool as the other one, but it’s totally functional. And I got a set of 10 clear plastic shoe boxes with lids.

See, the idea here is that eventually…someday…I will have a clear plastic shoe box for every pair I own. Then I can ditch the actual shoe box and keep them all in their very own, stackable, clear shoe box.

I know. It’s anal, isn’t it?

Oh. I also hung up my mirror FINALLY on my closet door. Since the stinking shoe rack didn’t work. It was a total ass pain to hang, too, but I did it and got it up and I quite like it.

Sunday was also my trip to Lowe’s where I bought six gallons of paint to finish off the interior of the house. I’m so ready to get every wall painted in this house and I’m this close to getting done.

I’m also going to pain my butt-ugly kitchen cabinets. Man. I hate those. Dreary, depressing brown. I need something happy and cheerful.

I can’t hardly believe it’s mid-July. Where is the year going? And I’m the speaker in August at the chapter meeting. I guess I better figure out what the hell I’m going to talk about, eh?

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.