I knew it

Before I fell asleep last night, I was writing a new story in my head. I heard the dialog from two characters just as sure as I’m sitting here. I should have bolted up and started writing it down that minute but instead I was lazy. I was too tired to drag my sorry ass out of bed and get on the computer. Or even look for a sheet of paper and pen.

And now the story has fleeted from my feeble mind. Gone. *poof* Just like that. Darn it.

But I still have the titles safely tucked away in my little brain. Yes, it is little.

I’ve got this new idea for a novella trilogy. It’d be a contemporary – which is usually not my thing – and it’s a vague idea about theater/music/dance… but I’m wondering if I can work it into a fantasy type story somehow with maybe some paranormal elements. I don’t know. Still thinking on it.

In the meantime, Lance won his 7th Tour de France today! Congrats, Lance! Now he has a retirement to look forward to. I was busy with laundry and dishes and what-not this morning so I missed most of the race.

Trying to get husband ready to go out of town so I had to make sure all his laundry was done and ready to go. He’s all packed and we’ll be leaving for the airport later this afternoon.

I have no energy and I have no idea why. I really want to do the query letters to agents today but my weariness is winning out. I think I’m just going to go lay my butt on the couch and read a book for the rest of the afternoon.

Yeah, that sounds good. 😉

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.