I made it…

…to Friday. Whew.

You know what? I’ve discovered that I love to look at…curtains. Isn’t that strange? I got the new JCPenney spring catalogue (yeah, spring!) in the mail the other day and I spent a good portion of quiet time just looking through it. They clothes are not interesting at all, but the curtains… oh! They have so many pretty new ones out! And I want. I want.

But, alas, I cannot have.

I’ve also discovered that I’m going to need (1) a new couch and (2) a new mattress and box springs set for my bed. The springs on the couch are busted the bed is just hard as a rock. It’s going to have to be retired and soon. I was looking at those too.

And bedding! They have lovely new bedding. Why are they doing this to me? When they know I’m on a permanent spending hiatus??

Anyway, I found out about this energy efficiency program in my area. I called them and they are going to come out and do a free inspection of my house to see how efficient (or non-efficient as the case may be) is. They’ll inspect the entire house (including attic insulation) and make recommendations on what I can do to improve the efficiency of the house. They’ll also replace weatherstripping on doors and windows, insulate light switches and plates, and seal air ducts and the furnace for free. I figure it’s worth it!

I even went and bought energy efficient lightbulbs. I just need to go back and get more.

AND I’m recycling.

Just call me green. 😉

Had the kiddo with me last night who seems to be ailing a bit again. We just had a round of antibiotics, so I’m not exactly sure what’s going on. He had a 99.9 fever, but acted fine. Very sniffly though, so I’m still wondering if it’s just allergies. There’s no runny nose and he’s not coughing and sneezing like a cold. So I’m stumped. I gave him Children’s Motrin, he played the Wii, did his homework, and we watched Don’t Forget The Lyrics and he was just fine. Happy and chatty.

In fact, he was busy telling me jokes. “Mom, what’s a tree’s favorite soft drink?” I ask him, “What?” And he says, with a big grin, “Root beer!”


And then he demonstrated “The DJ” dance for me and it cracked me up.

I have no idea where he gets this stuff. He’s a nutty kid. And I’m glad he has a sense of humor.

We’ve been blasted with some very cold air here. The temp on Thursday morning when I got up was 26! And it’s about that again. BRR And then it’s only supposed to get up into the 40s this weekend. And lows in the very cold 30s.

I love this cold weather, really, but I’m finding that my bones ache more and more.

I built a fire in the fireplace last night and we enjoyed the warmth. Anything I can do to cut down on the heat running. I’m starting to turn into a cheapskate. haha

Tonight I plan to build a fire and work on the book. I’m going to be visiting the Kimbell Art Museum for research purposes. I’m actually looking forward to it. 🙂

By Michelle

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