I remembered!

HA! Reading another blog made me think of it (yeah, I’m quickly becoming a blog-junkie…anyway…)

Husband forced me to watch Rock Star INXS last night. FORCED, mind you. He gave me that lost puppy look and said “Will you watch it with me?” ARGH

I didn’t want to get into another reality show but I agreed.

So I laid on the couch and made fun of just about everyone there. Dave Navarro… that guy freaks me out. He looks like the 👿 Devil in Fur. *shiver*

Anyhoo… some of the talent was pretty good. I missed the first two singers so I have nothing pithy to say about them. The dude with the studded pants who sang “Summer of ‘69” – OY! Don’t give up your day job! He was awful. Made me cringe. The chick who sang the Black Sabbath song made me wish she’d just hurry up and get the hell off the stage. 😮

But JD Fortune (he stole my last name, dammit) he ROCKED. He did his own arrangement of Alanis Morrisett’s “Hand In My Pocket”. Wow. Rocked. Loved it. And I really liked the girl who sang “The Reason”. She was quite good, too. So those were my top picks of the night.

Oh and the guy who sang “Sweet Home Alabama” (Bo Bice did it better) – his shtick was to do it barefoot. Not only that but he looked like a homeless person they just picked up off the street to sing. He definitely needs a better image. Barefoot Homeless Dude ain’t working.

I can’t see a girl as the lead singer for INXS. It just doesn’t jive with my vision of the band and what I remember back in the late 80s.

Of course you know I’m going to have to see who gets booted off tonight. CURSE Mark Burnett and his reality TV! 😆

By Michelle

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