I Spy…

First – I’m blogging over at RomErotica today! Stop by and check out my post here.

…a CAT-CAT. Can you see him? He thinks he’s invisible while he hides from the kiddo. It cracks me up. I love the way his front paws are right together and the way he’s still up straight and completely still. hehe

Man came by last night. He’s grown fond of Sampson and he’s been giving me hell about what I feed him. Okay, I admit – I’m on a budget so I choose to buy food that is sort of in the middle of the price range. So… Man gave me money and told me to buy the Cat-Cat “better” food.

I did. And the cat seems happier, too. When I put his food in his dish the first time, he sniffed, took a bite, then mewed this little tiny meow. hehe It’s hairball control, so hopefully I won’t find disgusting presents on the carpet now.

Anyway… so I have a happy cat.

So my goal for finishing the YA Fantasy is November 1. I’ve also committed myself to writing at least 4 pages a day. I would like to shoot for finishing a chapter a week. That might be rather lofty, though, so I figured to start out with 4 pages. 😀

Okay that’s it for me – it’s off to work and school!

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.