I succumbed to Pinterest

Yes. I did. Yesterday as a matter of fact. It was a horrible thing of peer pressure that I finally broke.

Just kidding. 😀 I just wanted to check it out for myself and see what all the fuss was about. Can’t say I’m all that impressed but maybe I will be later. So if you’re on Pinterest, I’m there. You can follow me and I’ll follow you back. So far, I only have book covers up there.

We had a really low-key Easter. It rained like cats and dogs early in the day. The front flower bed flooded just a wee bit. Plus I played a lot of Words With Friends. I mean A LOT. And read. A LOT. In fact, I did a whole lot of NOTHING this weekend and it was fantastic. I had Friday off, so I made a point of heading downtown to have lunch with the husband. It was nice and leisurely. We went to Corner Bakery and then to B&N where he bought me Nalini Singh’s Angels’ Blood. I started reading it this weekend.

The kiddo arrived home from camp 40 minutes late. I got him home, unpacked, and started laundry since he had a bunch of it. He made it home with everything except his $5 poncho. At least he managed to keep up with the camera the whole time. He said he had a good time and loved the horseback riding and the archery. I’m glad he had fun. And tomorrow it’s back to business as usual – me to work and him to school.

I was very tired Friday night and fell asleep reading on the couch about 8:45. How lame is that for a Friday night? I finally crawled into bed shortly after 9 and slept twelve hours. Clearly, the body needed the rest. I’ve been having some issues with the pillow, though. Been waking up with neck and back pain. I’m looking into finding a yoga studio but they all have classes at 5:30. What the heck? I can’t make that time because of the Day Job. I need something that starts at least at 6. I’m considering joining the local gym but I’m not too keen on signing a contract. On the other hand, they have later classs…AND Zumba… Hm…

Didn’t write one single word this weekend on the WIP but I did manage to get some blog posts written and sent off for some upcoming guest posts this week and next. I’m trying to stay productive. Had some good long talks with the husband about the future and put a lot of thought into writing and story ideas. And I also thought about this book I’m reading and making mental notes on why it isn’t working for me. I will continue to read it until I’m finished with it, but there are a lot of things about the book that bug me. She’s a great writer, for sure, but I’m meh about the book itself.

So it’s Monday. Again. Have I mentioned I hate Monday?

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.