I survived the heat wave of 1980

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When I was a kid, I seriously had a t-shirt that said that – I survived the heat wave of 1980. It had a picture of the state of Texas and all the record breaking temps on it. It was 115 in some places. We could literally fry an egg on the sidewalk. It was so hot, you just didn’t go outside. It was so hot, you couldn’t get in the car and back then, they all had those vinyl seats. It was like sitting on a hot plate. For real. I was 8 that year. (Yeah, so you totally know how old I am but oh well!)

I don’t know what made me think of that. The shirt was baby blue and the writing on it was black. Funny how you can remember minute details like that.

Oh and before I forget – HOCKEY IS BACK!! And the Stars have a new jersey this year. They are so awesomey awesomeness. The jerseys I mean. Even though the actual Stars are too. haha

I do have to lodge a complaint though with the Versus station. They kept showing the Wings and Ducks in OT when the Stars were supposed to start at 8:30. We came into the game nearly 10 minutes late. Those effers.

I did give away all my copies of the new book. However – if you didn’t win – stay tuned. There will be another chance! Friday will be Free Book Friday with a little contest that will be so easy you can do it in your sleep. Well, not really since you’ll have to be awake to post. LOL But you know what I mean.

Work has been super busy and super stressful these last few days. I don’t know which way is up. I was so tired yesterday after getting home, I fainted from exhaustion at about 9:30. I had residual tired Wednesday morning. And it’s one of my busiest evenings.

The baby had soccer practice and then after we got home and he watched Kid Nation and then I put him in the tub. He’s actually getting big enough to wash himself. I, however, still have to wash his hair. We read a few chapters of his Magic Tree House book he got from the library at school and then he hit the sack. He was out moments later.

And I got to sit on the couch and in bliss and watch hockey. I do so love the Stars.

But now it’s time for work. So have a happy Thursday, ya’ll!

By Michelle

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